Runners tend to be simple creatures with minimal necessities, but it’s always a good idea to think about accessories.  Whether you travel a lot on business, taking you away from your routine route, or your run commonly takes you to the outskirts of civilization, here are a few items you should look at.

Energy— When you head out on a long run, having the energy to get back is a good thing.  Look at our gels—Gu™, E-Gel™, and Clifshots™, look at our energy bars—Clif™ and Luna™ Bars, or fill your bottle up with our replacement drink—Ultima™.

Information—Can’t find a race?  Need a training log?  How are the elite runners training?  We have a variety of informational sources to help out the academic runner research the subject of running.

Safety—If you run at night, in the blazing sun, or away from any source of water, we carry the accessories you need to be seen and to stay hydrated.  Check out our safety vests, lights, sunglasses, and water carriers.

Going Digital—For the runner who is looking for personal information to assist their training, we have devices to give you the most accurate information available.  For timing we have a large selection of watches.  We also carry heart rate monitors to measure fitness levels.  If you travel a lot or like to explore, we also carry GPS speed and distance monitors that measure your distances for those new and unexplored routes.

Therapy—Does plantar fasciitis mean anything to you?  How about chondromalacia?  We carry a variety of therapeutic devices recommended by our podiatrist to help alleviate your various running injuries.

Feet—We specialize in feet, so we also specialize in insoles and inserts.  If you need a softer ride in your shoe, or more stability we sell various inserts.

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