Whether you’re a competitive runner or a casual walker, we have you covered.  We carry a wide variety of shoes for running, walking, and track & field.

How to Buy a Shoe:
Buying a running shoe is a different experience at Marathon Sports. It is not like the average shoe department in a large store, where there are aisles of shoes and no workers to help you navigate the labyrinth of dress shoes, casual shoes, casual/dress shoes, sport shoes, running shoes, shoes for this occasion, and shoes for that occasion.  For starters, the atmosphere at Marathon Sports is much more relaxed than what you’ll find at your average shoe department, there isn’t the clutter or confusion, and likely before you get to the shoes we’ll have someone there to assist you. Most people know they have feet, but they don’t know their feet.  Our feet, like our fingerprints, are truly our own, so our staff has been podiatrically trained to analyze your feet and help determine what the best shoe is for your specific foot type.  To help us out and to help your buying experience along, we’ve prepared these guidelines so you can find the ideal running/walking shoe:

  • Bring in your current running shoe. Our staff will be able to analyze wear patterns, and if you’ve been pleased with the shoe we can offer something similar.
  • Wear socks, preferably, a pair of socks you’ll be running in. It’s imperative to try on shoes while wearing your preferred thickness of running socks. What’s more, you’ll feel better about yourself when we ask you to remove your shoes so we can perform our standard gait analysis—no one likes to be caught barefoot.
  • Share information. No one likes a complainer.  . . . But here at Marathon Sports, we love to listen, especially if you’re rattling off current or recent injuries. This, too, will help us put you in the right shoe.
  • Run in the shoes. If you intend to run in your new shoes, take them for a spin on our treadmill or, on nice days, the sidewalk. This will help you determine whether they offer a good fit and feel.
  • Choose fit over fashion. Although our staff is friendly enough, you’ll find they’re not especially good at keeping up with the season’s newest colors. Don’t be surprised when one of them drops a Kelly Green or International Orange shoe on you. Very likely, our “color blind” staff member deemed it the best shoe for your foot.
  • Know the return policy. We’re pretty nice about ours. We want to be sure you’re happy in your new shoes.
  • Test the fit. If you’re unsure about your new shoe purchase, double check the fit and feel by walking around indoors. Usually, you’ll know within an hour if you’ve got the right shoe.

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